Hayfield & High Peak, Derbyshire - 2nd September

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hayfield 1Hayfield is a village and civil parish in High Peak, Derbyshire. The village is located in the basin of the River Sett and at the foot of Kinder Scout. The civil parish includes Hayfield village, the hamlets of Little Hayfield, part of Birch Vale and a significant proportion of the Kinder Scout plateau. Early settlement can be traced back to Roman times and possibly before. The village lies on the line of a Roman road from Buxton to Glossop. It is also on an important former packhorse route between Cheshire and Yorkshire.

hayfield 2Woollen manufacturing was once a main industry within Hayfield and the Industrial Revolution led to the creation of several cotton mills, along with numerous fabric printing and dyeing businesses as well as paper manufacture.

The parish church of St. Matthew has been existence in its current location since 1386, being largely rebuilt in 1817–18. The interior is galleried on three sides and contains a notable monument of 1786 to Joseph Hague. St John's Methodist Church dates from 1782, which is claimed to be the 13th Methodist church built and was visited by John Wesley.

A mile east of the village is the confluence of the rivers Sett and Kinder at Bowden Bridge. It is an iconic location because the Mass Trespass of Kinder Scout started from Bowden Bridge on the 24th April, 1932. This was a pivotal moment in a long access campaign, leading to the establishment of Britain’s first National Park in the Peak District in 1951.

Hayfield nowadays is a popular walking and mountain biking centre, and being a traditional starting point for the ascent of Kinder Scout traversed by the Pennine Way. The village also has high number of public rights-of-way and bridleways, which provided the only ways in and out of the area in the pre-industrial days.

Welcome to join us for a ramble to enjoy hills, valleys and moors in this beautiful area.

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